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Claros Insight Pro is an advanced Intelligence Platform meticulously designed to meet the evolving challenges of managing diverse and continuous data streams. This robust platform is crafted to dramatically reduce data processing time while ensuring compliance with domestics standards and global best practices.


Our platform offers seamless data handling from ingestion to real-time analytics, adhering to global standards and integrating advanced AI capabilities effortlessly. With streamlined workflow integration and robust security measures, organizations benefit from scalability, high performance, and intuitive user experiences. Supported by comprehensive documentation, training, and ongoing support, our platform ensures users stay ahead with the latest technologies and standards.

Strategic Goals

Seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities and ensure compliance with global standards, fostering scalability, high performance, and intuitive user experiences, supported by comprehensive documentation, training, and ongoing support for continuous advancement.

Create a centralized, resilient software platform ensuring security and reliability, capable of efficiently handling up to 100 TB of data with scalable infrastructure for future growth.

Centralised Data Fusion Platform

Create a user-friendly platform enabling easy data access, visualization, analysis, and internal sharing, fostering seamless collaboration within the organization.

Accessible Data Deployment

Empower the platform to manage diverse data types seamlessly, from audio and text content to open-source and classified sources, within a flexible framework.

Data Diversity Management

Integrate with workflows and advanced machine learning for enhanced threat detection and proactive management.

Integration with Workflow & Machine Learning

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